Coco-tips: Working During a Pandemic

Just like every other young adult on social media, we had big goals going into 2020. Then this crazy thing happened in March. From a small studio where everyone was just a “stick your head out from behind the monitor” distance away, we had to adjust quickly and learn how to grow REMOTELY. 

Despite it all, we managed to make it all the way here mid-2021, with an even bigger team and more projects under our belt. We couldn’t have done it without our secret ingredient: the fresh and super talented faces that joined our team! We asked some of them what their year has been like so far, and for tips for anyone else struggling to work from home!


“WFH fatigue hits hard sometimes so it’s important to remember to take breaks! I like to make my own coffee at home which helps me relax and slow down once in a while.”


"I've been working from home during my whole stay in Cocomilk so far, but being a part of a team that can both work AND play has made my time in the studio a blast! I also found that taking breaks, setting personal schedules, and sticking to work hours has helped me approach projects with a more positive and refreshed mind." 


“One, never be afraid to ask for help or ask questions! It's better to be kulit and clarify in the start rather than later on doing the task only to have the wrong idea. Two, always try to practice empathy! Especially with work from home, you can never really tell if someone is doing okay or not. Taking that extra step of being a helping hand, being patient if someone doesn't reply, or showing that compassion and kindness through the way you say things can just brighten someone's day.”


“It was in the middle of 2020 that I joined Cocomilk Studio—an unanticipated career shift that had me scrambling to get with the program. The care package I received a month ago was a tender reminder that what once felt like unfamiliar territory has now become my home base. Grateful to be in a growing team with vibrant ideas, unparalleled talent and (most importantly) a love for cats.”


“A good tip is to do a couple of stretches from time to time during breaks to avoid back pain. Maybe also prepare a playlist depending on how you want to work: if you need to focus, be awake, etc.”


“My laptop broke down in the middle of the work-from-home grind, so I decided to get some mileage out of my PC. And boy do I wish that I did it sooner. After years of zooming in with a trackpad (no amount of carrots can fix my eyesight—and honestly, who even likes the taste of carrots?), a 24-inch monitor has been a massive game-changer. Everything is bigger and clearer, I can have four windows at once (three for work and one for staring at cat paws), and my iPad—which was once my second screen—has been rendered useless. So if you haven’t, I seriously recommend that you get a big monitor to simplify your workflow!”


“Weirdest WFH tip ever. Like, it’s small but it helps: work with a lot of sunlight. It does wonders in keeping one motivated. Especialy workers that easily feel down. Always. Get. Sunlight.”


“One of the struggles we had as partners was figuring out how to connect with our growing team during the pandemic (we haven’t even met most of them in person yet!). Sometimes it’s sending birthday surprises, or care packages, or even as simple as sending memes to the whole team. But every now and then, we go extra special and have online get-togethers—from costume parties, to Animal Crossing island hopping! It’s definitely been a challenge, but I like to think these gestures really help break the monotony just sending updates to a cold computer screen.”

So there you have it. We’re halfway through 2021 and although we’re still in quarantine, we’ve got a lot in store for everyone! We hope you’re just as excited as we are. Follow us on our Instagram and keep your eyes peeled for some fresh new drops coming soon!