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Meet the newest pet-care pack in the neighborhood. Get to know your friendly pet partner Fur & Friends—an online store stocked with affordable quality pet products for our furry friends and more.

Pets come in all shapes and sizes. Nothing beats the exciting feeling more than finding a one-stop-shop not just for your dogs and cats, but also for your other little friends! 

Cue Fur & Friends, your not-so-typical pet brand that aims to serve affordable yet quality pet products. The challenge was to bring this vision to life using functional but fun visuals.


Fur & Friends is an online pet shop that provides a fun and exciting shopping experience for pet parents through its warm and friendly persona.

With this new brand making waves on a furparent’s radar, our main goal was creating the perfect balance of versatility and flexibility—making use of trending e-commerce platforms to maximize brand visibility using good design, while giving it room to expand to future brick-and-mortar stores.

With a variety of products to show off, we thought of creating a Furkada to guide customers along for a fun and easy going shopping experience. Whatever your and your pets’ moods are, the go-to friendly neighborhood pet partner will be right there with you every step of the way—even if it’s just gushing about the cutest thing your pet did today. 

Their chill, laid-back character marks the brand as the engaging, witty, and humorous friend who’s there for you when it has (or hasn’t) been your day, your week, or even your year! Fur & Friends always have their arms wide open to make sure all your pet needs are fulfilled. 

As a throwback to the good ol’ days, we gave the brand a look that drew inspiration from old-school cartoon design and illustration trends, evoking nostalgia and relatability to buyers—both young and old. 

The Fur & Friends logo is a handwritten wordmark reminiscent of 90’s cartoon title cards like Hey Arnold! and Rugrats. The letter “D” features a silhouette of an animal that can change per use.

The "Furkada" characters not only signify the different product categories, but are living brand mascots—they have fun, shop, and even make new friends.

Fur & Friends makes use of vibrant colors and funky illustrations to match Lazada and Shopee’s existing algorithms for fast-growing market reach while still leaving space for future campaigns.

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