One of Asia’s Most Immersive Experiences
Tipsy Tales
Web Design

Tipsy Tales is an immersive hour-long experience where actors lead you to explore a trippy dream-like world. They welcome you to their first show, Lambana, where creatures from Filipino myths are real.

Tipsy Tales is nothing like the theme park horror houses you know of. Their unique choose-your-own-adventure setup is a well-crafted interactive experience with a cohesive story. You get to decide how the story unfolds. It's definitely one for the books!

The main challenge was spreading word of this mythical world. Interactive theater is not very common in the Philippines, but it very well is an experience worth sharing. We had to find a way to grab the audience’s attention—and encourage them to experience the lore of Lambana.

With a show as fantastical as Lambana, the illustrations had to match the theatrics, which were certainly big shoes to fill. We had to make sure that the visuals were just as fantastical, enchanting, and otherworldly as the show. 

Of course, we couldn’t leave the drawings as-is—we wanted them to come to life, too. We turned them into a full online experience, where visitors “fall” into the kapre’s den as they scroll. We emphasized certain elements of the art to lead and tempt visitors to click their way into an adventure of their own.

The illustrations for Tipsy Tales’ Lambana are highly inspired by dreamy storybooks and old Disney movies. Think a Filipino Alice in Wonderland.

The website takes viewers on a journey—from entering lola’s house to falling down the kapre’s den—into a magical world filled with whimsical sights.

We could go on and on, but the illustrations (and the experience) really speak for themselves. Why not go check them out yourself? Hop onto and marvel at the wonders of the Lambana!

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